Dr. Mirco Raffaini

Maxillofacial Surgeon (Italy)


  • M.D. and D.D.S. Specialty Training. University of Parma (Italy)
  • MD. Advanced clerkships in General Surgery. University-Hospital of Parma (Italy)
  • Ph.D. Residency in MaxilloFacial Surgery. University of Parma (Italy)
  • Master Maxillo-Facial Surgery. University-Hospital DIEU. Nantes (France)
  • MD. in Master in Plastic Surgery. University of Nancy (France)
  • MD. Advanced clerkships in Plastic Surgery. University of Milan (Italy)
  • Associate Professor of Maxillo-Facial Surgery. University of Florence (Italy)
  • Author of numerous scientific pubblications and books
  • Private practice. Director and Founder FACE SURGERY CENTER. Parma (Italy)
  • Speaker at the English Edition of the FACE/Roth-Williams postgraduate