FACE 2016-2018


Introduction to the FACE Treatment Philosophy. Diagnostic Tools for a more Comprehensive Diagnosis

Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Dr. Alberto Canabez

Introduction to Splints: Indications and Uses
Diagnosis and treatment planning of unstable cases in patients with TMD

Lecturers: Dr. Alberto Canabez, dr. Inigo Gomez

Interdisciplinary treatment – the importance of teamwork

Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Dr.  Inigo Sada

Orthognatic surgery

Lecturers: Dr. Renato Cocconi, Dr. Mirco Raffaini

TMJ, TMJ Imaging and Splints

Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Dr. Guillermo Ochoa

SWA (Straight Wire Appliance) and Treatment Mechanics

Lecturer: Dr. Renato Cocconi


Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Dr. Maria Jesus Provedo 

Mixed dentition treatment

Lecturer: Dr. Domingo Martin, dr. Renato Cocconi


Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Medical University

Warsaw Medical University website

Szpital Kliniczny im. Dzieciątka Jezus

Szpital Kliniczny im. Dzieciątka Jezus website


Requirements to attendee the course:

Bachelor of Dentistry (please attach certificate)

Registration fee: 2000 euro
(to be paid to confirm the registration)

Total cost of the course: 12.900 euro (registration fee included)
VAT according to the taxes regulations of each country

Sessions have to be paid by bank transfer 30 days before the session starts.

Please note:

Students are asked to bring to the 3rd session:


  • Laptop
  • Semiadjustable articulator

Laboratory Technicians

  • Semiadjustable articulator
  • Plaster study models mounted in articulator (+Power Centric Reg.)
  • Drills for acrylic and rubber to polish acrylic