1st session

Introduction to the FACE Treatment Philosophy. Diagnostic Tools for a more Comprehensive Diagnosis

Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Dr. Alberto Canabez
  • Introduction to the FACE Philosophy
  • Functional Occlusion Concepts
  • Introduction to the use of Articulators
  • Advantages in using a semi-adjustable articulator in orthodontics
  • Wax bites – centric occlusion and centric relation (power centric bite)
  • Clinical practice in taking wax bites – clinical demonstration
  • Clinical demonstration of the articulator and face bow
  • The importance of good impressions – presentation
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2nd session

TMJ, TMJ Imaging and Splints

Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Dr. Guillermo Ochoa
  • Anatomy, histology and normal physiology of the TMJ
  • Dysfunction and pathology of the TMJ: evaluation, diagnosis and treatment clinical cases
  • Imaging of the TMJ: Tomographs, Cone Beam, MRI’s
  • Importance of stable condylar position in relation with TMJ
  • Introduction to splint wear
  • Construction of the splint
  • Clinical application of the splint – neuro-muscular deprogramming
  • Diagnosis and planning of the TMJ patients
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3rd session

Introduction to Splints: Indications and Uses
Diagnosis and treatment planning of unstable cases in patients with TMD

Lecturers: Dr. Alberto Canabez, dr. Inigo Gomez
  • Splints: 3 piece splint, distraction splint and anterior splint. Indications and use
  • Importance of stable condylar position in relation to TMJ
  • Adjustment of splints: Dawson manipulation and shims technique
  • Radiographic diagnosis of the TMJ. Conce beam and MRI images
  • Arc of closure: diagnosis of the vertical dimension: Kennedy Cuts
  • Introduction to the Axiograph
  • How to measure the vertical dimension on the models: The Erickson tool
  • Clinical Practice:
  • Clinical demonstration of splint fabrication
  • Clinical demonstration and clinical practice of splint adjustment
  • Clinical demonstration Kennedy Cuts: students will present cases for diagnosis
  • Intro to Axiograph Recordin
  • Splints will be fabricated for each student
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4th session

SWA (Straight Wire Appliance) and Treatment Mechanics

Lecturers: Dr. Renato Cocconi
  • Straight wire appliance (SWA): Concept and development
  • Treatment mechanics in the permanent dentition: 1st, 2nd and 3rd phase
  • Closing mechanics with: DKL 0.19×0.25, 0.21×0.25 with and without reduction
  • Anchorage: concepts and management
  • The use of transpalatal bars: concept, theory and practice
  • Vertical control: concept
  • Treatment sequence and arch wire sequence
  • Diagnosis of students cases
  • Treatment of CII, CIII
  • Use of skeletal anchorage: mini-implants
  • Case demonstrations
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5th session

Interdisciplinary treatment – the importance of teamwork

Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Dr.  Inigo Sada

(Other periodontists, prosthodontist and general dentists are accepted to this session)

  • Introduction to interdisciplinary: importance of team work
  • The importance of periodontal report
  • Occlusal trauma: Concepts and Importance
  • Adult orthodontics
  • Orthodontics and Periodontics: Periodontal Orthodontics
  • Orthodontics and Prosthodontics
  • Implants and Orthodontics – Implant Site Development
  • Orthodontics and Esthetic Dentistry
  • The Importance of the Diagnostic Set-Up
  • Corticotomies – Concepts and Indications
  • Case presentations
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6th session


Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Dr. Maria Jesus Provedo 
  • Introduction to Bioesthetics
  • Biological Model
  • The MAGO: Concepts
  • Introduction to Negative Coronaplasty
  • Introduction to Positive Coronaplasty
  • The Role of the Technician in Bioesthetics
  • The Importance of Waxing
  • The Importance of the Orthodontist in Bioesthetics – Clinical Implications
  • Presentation of Bioesthetic Cases
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7th session

Orthognatic surgery

Lecturers: Dr. Renato Cocconi
  • Introduction to orthognatic surgery
  • VTO pre-orthodontics
  • Pre-surgical orthodontics
  • Surgical VTO – Theory and practice
  • Surgical techniques
  • Nasolabial unit
  • Post-surgical orthodontics
  • Management of post surgical patient
  • Retention
  • Cases presentation
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8th session

Mixed dentition treatment

Lecturers: Dr. Domingo Martin, dr. Renato Cocconi
  • Mixed Dentition: Concepts and Management
  • Strategy of Mixed Dentition Treatment
  • Management of the Transverse Dimension – Expansion
  • Treatment Protocols in Mixed Dentition
  • Importance of 1st phase of Treatment
  • Treatment Mechanics in 1st Phase Treatment
  • Extractions in Mixed Dentition – Concept of Serial Extraction and Enucleations
  • Early Treatment of Class II Vertical Patients
  • Class III: Treatment Possibilities – when and what to do
  • Concept of Decoronation
  • Presentation of Mixed Dentition Cases
  • Clinical Practice: Students will present cases for diagnosis
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