8th session

15th – 17th June 2023, Warsaw

Hands on session

  • Mixed Dentition: Concepts and Management
  • Strategy of Mixed Dentition Treatment
  • Management of the Transverse Dimension – Expansion
  • Treatment Protocols in Mixed Dentition
  • Importance of 1st phase of Treatment
  • Treatment Mechanics in 1st Phase Treatment
  • Extractions in Mixed Dentition – Concept of Serial Extraction and Enucleations
  • Early Treatment of Class II Vertical Patients
  • Class III: Treatment Possibilities – when and what to do
  • Concept of Decoronation
  • Presentation of Mixed Dentition Cases
  • Clinical Practice: Students will present cases for diagnosis
Warsaw, Poland



  • B.A. University of Southern California (USA)
  • M.D. and D.D.S. University of the Basque Country (Spain)
  • Master in Orthodontics. University of Valencia (SPAIN)
  • Diploma in orthodontics by the FACE/Roth-Williams Center for Functional Occlusion
  • Postgraduate Bioesthetic Dentistry. OBI (Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry)
  • Dr. Domingo Martín gives courses and conferences all over the world
  • Private practice limited to orthodontics in San Sebastián (Spain)
  • FACE Member


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan (Italy)
  • Dental Degree. University of Milan (Italy)
  • Master in Orthodontics. University of Milan (Italy)
  • Diploma in orthodontics by the FACE/Roth-Williams Center for Functional Occlusion
  • Professor in the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Milan (Italy)
  • Private practice in Parma (Italy)
  • FACE Member